David Jacobs aka Jacowbski was born in Leuven, Belgium.

As a young kid he was never into the typical sports like soccer for example.

He started out with Capoeira and eventually started following Breakdance classes which made his interest for music, sports and dance grow even more.

Around his 15 years old he started taking pictures with a little compact camera from where another passion grew. After a few years he got his mom’s first digital camera to play with and went to breakdance battles to take pictures.

Later on the extra visual aspects of video made him drift towards learning video too without losing the love of taking pictures.

Here we are a few years later where it’s safe to say that what started out as a hobby, grew into a passion now developed as a fulltime job, where the earliest interests for music, sports and dance are still a lot present in his work.

Always trying to live by the quote “Normal is boring” means you should goof enough in life, don’t be too serious all the time but offcourse work when needed!

David is his work can be focused on 4 main pillars: